7 interesting iphone apps to download right away in 2017

Mobile apps are the keystone of Apple’s iOS platform. The ecosystem is something that sets apple’s mobile platform apart from its rivals and no wonder how highest quality iphone’s turns out to be typically best in class. Though with billions of apps being downloaded on the regular basis, sometimes it really gets difficult to work out which title is for you. Several researches reveal that an average person uses nine apps per day, including the inbuilt options.

Let’s work out on what’s good for you

The following post comprises of Best iphone apps 2017 that are new and rising up the charts each week and cherry-picking the best titles to add into our regularly-rotated ranking. The round up compiles of some of our favorites ranging from top-quality creative tools and video editors to the finest productivity kit and social networking clients.


#1 Pocket Casts

The iphone is well-served when it comes to podcast apps, and pocket casts offers premium and feature-rich feel. The discovery of Podcast was pretty straight forward in terms of search, charts, trends, networks and categories. The app offers smart playback option featuring speed boost function, silence-trimming for talk shows and a volume boost for when listening in a noisy environment.

Naturally, the Pocket cast might be compared with overcast, an excellent free app with a small feature set. But Pocket cast leads the competition especially in regards with interface and usability, making it a worth outlay. In addition to this, the mobile app is available on a wide range of platforms. So, one can easily sync Podcast subscriptions and listen to all his/her devices.

#2 Space by Thix

The end outcomes of Space by Thix are most likely to depend on how you approach the app. In case, if you are looking for a tool to explore the cosmos then you can choose apps like Sky Guide or Redshift but if want a tiny miniature universe you can build yourself, Space is ideal.

The app doesn’t hand-hold. Rather, you are left to fend for yourself, figuring out the somewhat opaque interface, and dropping celestial bodies onto the screen. Once the user figures out how do they interact, he will find a happily swirling solar system.

One of the major disadvantages of the iphone application is that the planets will mostly appear as tiny specs and navigation is a touch clunky. But overall, there is something magical about having a tiny galaxy in the palm of your hand.

#3 iA Writer

Have you ever thought about writing on an iphone? If so, one must consider the iA writer app, a smart, svelte writing tool that’s packed full of the features you need for writing on the go.

Speaking about its functionalities, when tapping away at the keyboard you get a toolbar with cursor arrows and markdown formatting buttons. This allows you to get more complex text or use it for HTML. At the top of the screen sits a word count and reading time prediction. Collapse the keyboard and swipe from the right for a markdown preview and export options. Moreover, the mobile app even offers to access the iCloud documents list that sync with iA Writer on other platforms.

There is a night mode and focus oriented view options and all of this when combined makes a writing experience unmatched on an iphone. Although, the app cannot be used to write a novel but a few hundred words on an iphone seems less painful.

#4 Focus Keeper

Focus and burnout are two commonplace issues faced by people in work. Too often, one can get distracted from tasks. While at the same time working for long hours without a break can lead to severe fatigue. Focus keeper is such an app that deals with both.

The app features timer which is loosely based on the promdoro technique (a time management method) and often recommends splitting your time between 25 minute and five minute breaks. After four hour sessions, it is always advisable to take a longer break of about half an hour.

Due to its clutter-free and easy to use nature, the app is recommended by most of the iphone apps development companies. In addition to this, the timer combines a minimal iOS-like design aesthetic with hints of a real-world timer’s dial. One can easily delve into statistics, adjust work/break lengths and choose alternate alarm and ‘ticking’ noises.

#5 Mextures

Modern iphones with some seriously impressive camera hardware are capable of taking clean, vibrant shots. Hence, it’s no surprise that the users hell-bent on slathering said images in filters and end up messing them up.

Mextures is an extreme example for providing a theoretically unlimited number of layers to play with, each with the interesting effect such as grit, grain, light leaks, gradients applied. Moreover, each layer can be fine-tuned in terms of opacity and blend mode. Thus, an end user can get anything from subtle film textures to seriously eye-popping grunge effects.

#6 Poison Maps

The iphone app is all about “point of interests”, hence named as poison maps. Its wealth of information from OpenStreetMap shoved into an app and twinned with an interface that makes it a cinch to drill down into categories.

So, if you are mooching around for a fancy a bite to eat? Tap on the food and drink icon. Something quick? Tap Fast Food. Pizza? Sounds good.

Each tap filters POI’s and navigation buttons displayed and the arrows point at nearby locations where the user is zoomed in. Everything is extremely responsive and the maps, icons are pretty clear and easy to understand.

#7 Duolingo

The iphone app is extremely generous given the quality of the app and its potential for helping you learn a new language. It’s packed full of bite-size quizzes that you can dip into at any time, and that gradually build your vocabulary and grammar in any of the ten supported languages.

So this is it, for now, keep watching the space to know more regarding iphone apps development.


Useful iOS icon and app template resources

If you are a ios developer, your design skills might not be so great. But as a developer, we always desire to get the applications to look great. Right? Check out some of the resources for iOS that enable to save your time and make your application look-feel great.


Application Icon

The application icon is one of the mandatory and vital parts of the information. It pays off to spend some time looking for the great look and feel. The following items can help you with that.

App icon generator with flat shadow generator

This section includes more than just icons. It is integrated with the numerous Photoshop icons to create three icon styles:

  • Default iOS7 style
  • Classy flat style
  • Flat shadow style

You can customize the icon further with the gradients colors and Grid to set the position and elements of the icon. The actions that are generated helps you to generate different sizes of the Apple.

Minimal icon generator

The Minimal Icon Generate template in a very versatile way. It is integrated with the range of vector elements you need to use, a bunch of gradients and selected combinational colors. The Photoshop is well managed in the groups and layers. If you have less experience with the Photoshop, then you might not face the problem.

Application template

Application templates are amazing for speeding up the application development. This gives the amazing look and feels for your application.

iOS mobile app template

The application template can be used for restaurants, cafes, and lounges with the support of iPhone6, iPhone6S, and iPhone5. This includes well organized Photoshop files. Even though the title refers to iOS, this template can be used for Android.

Concept keynote Template

This is one of the most amazing templates which is drafted with the keynote and is integrated with both iPhone and iPad with dark and light version. It has drag and drops facility to make the mock ups easy to create the application that fits your need.


Icons are one of the most important parts of the mobile, and include text and icons which are the best suited for the mobile user interface.

Flat UI Icon set

The size of most of the mobile devices varies and people prefer small screen size and hence, the icons are the best way to give the user a meaning of your application. Well-designed icons help to figure out how the applications should be used.

Thin Weather icon set

One of the key elements of any weather application is its icons. This icon set includes 20 sleek, high-quality icons for every type of weather.

Make your pick

There are much other phenomenal selections of icons and templates. You can use the source of Graphic River which offers hundreds of different icons. You need to have a look on it.

iOS app development : The best tool for designing and developing

We all are aware that in the iOS operating system, design and development are done with Apple incorporation and it works exclusively on the Apple devices like iPhone, iPads, and iPods. The existing idea behind this was to design the amazing interfaces on the small screen. And this is the reason iPhone was born. iPhone also offers a variety of the apps like other operating systems. In earlier days, app development was carried out in C and C++ programming languages. And today, it is replaced with Objective-C and Swift. If we check out the latest technology, trending language for iOS today is Swift.


Some various iOS app tool offered for designing are:-

Hotfix native iOS app: This tool lets you modify the code level changes in real time. No need to submit again for the approval just to change some code or the security patches. It also enables you to add the code that calls other SDKs. It is easy and quick to add SDK and cherry on the top it doesn’t require nay code changes. Once you are done with the adding of SDK, you can instantly push updates and app will be updated automatically. This tool allows direct access of app’s methods and patches them by providing app alert messages.

Qordoba: Qordoba is a single platform for developing and creating content into 100+ market by automatically generating the content. It enables you in deploying the content easily and sophisticated workflow automation that integrates with the tool that is already in use. The main aim of this tool is parsing means it enables connectivity between that app and database

Charter: This is a highly enhanced tool of iOS app development that is used by Swift programming language and deals with the mailing list on iPhone and iPad. It has both online and offline view and also supports message threading for the conversation. To remove the noise, long quotes in the emails are truncated off. It enables you to read the mailing list in an intuitive format.

Swift Express: It is simple yet powerful web application written in Swift. It contains a framework and simple routing mechanism to manage the dependencies of the project and also enables to run the application.

Jazzy: Jazzy is a command line utility tool that helps in the documentation for Swift or Objective-C programming people. To make the documentation for any application. Jazzy is used. Documentation is highly important attribute from the developer’s perspective. With documentation, programmers can put more focus on drafting the code. The jazzy tool is quite important.

Above mentioned are some of the tools for designing and developments for iOS app development. There are other tools too that are used in IDE for Swift programming language. Generally, these frameworks are used for developing the iOS mobile applications for the smooth flow.

The Biggest Announcement from Apple at WWDC – TOP 5 features to highlight

Apple updating its software to enhance new features for photos, maps and apple music and also re-worked on quicker interaction with apps

Apple released new operating system on 13th June 2016 as a developer preview and confirmed that it’s beta release shall be available publicly in the following month. The new iOS 10 has completely new features which is designed to enhance your iPhone even more beyond than the features company launched for iOS 9 previous year in the conference. This is the huge update of the world in Mobile Operating system featuring a great upgrade in messaging –animated ways to deliver the messages, apple music, maps, photos, Siri and more.


So what new features you can look forward for, when iOS 10 is coming to your iPhone. Here are some of the promising features to come in the final release

  • iOS 10 – General redesign : Lock screen

Apple has revamped user experience of the lock screen. This lock screen has a touchID sensor that will stop you accidentally from bypassing the lock screen. Apple has unveiled the “Raise to wake” feature which will light your iPhone and go to the home screen when you just lift it up. Onscreen notification has become much more interactive. There are lot more 3D touch and shortcut to interact with the clever ways. Sliding fro, left to right you can get instant access to the camera.

  • iOS 10 – Siri opens to the developers

In iOS 10, Siri can be extended within major areas and can do more than ever working with the areas of the apps you always loved to use. It has brought the biggest change which seems that, Apple is opening it up to 3rd party developers. This means that you will be able to activate non- iOS app via voice control. Just with the voice command, you will be able to call UBER, send message, and much more without downloading the apps.

  • iOS 10 – Predictive Type

Apple is bringing Siri intelligence to the keyboard. Apple says it’s bringing more context to typing so either Siri can reply with suggestions for you like your current locations, share contacts and more. Hence it is pretty handy and genuine time saver. The Quick Type keyboard will also now support multilingual typing. Apple also made a point of noting that, unlike Google, its AI analysis will stay on your device and won’t transmit your texts to the cloud.

  • iOS 10 – Photo app

AI will be again used highly, to make sure that memories that matter for the user are at their fingertips. You can organize your collection automatically by person using facial recognition. The app is also called memories which bundles the photos according to the location. Thanks to the advance computer vision which connects dots between the people and you device album. A memory also contains Memory movie which can be automatically edited movie with theme, title, and subtitle.

  • iOS 10 – Maps redesigned

Map feature in iOS 10 is redesigned to beautifully to make it even simpler to use. Apple says that, Apple map will become more proactive giving you the suggestions on things you can do based on the location. That could be suggesting pure veg restaurant along with the traffic details Maps is also coming to CarPlay, which will show traffic and offer alternative routes, as well as precise navigation right from a car’s display.


  • Control of the home environment with the advanced control that add smart elements at the touch of button
  • Music and the news app are updated; both are designed to offer the user new featured stories at the finger tips.
  • Bedtime Alarm for the regular sleep schedule
  • Apple Pay support for the secured transaction on the selected websites which can be authenticated via Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Safari split-view for iPad and Live pic editing

WWDC was packed with the updates, which may seem minor but has done extravagant updation which makes it easier to navigate in the Apple’s ecosystem. Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of Apple hardware, software and services. The developer preview of iOS 10 is available to iOS Developer Program members at developer.apple.com, and a public beta program will be available to iOS users in July at beta.apple.com

Apple under Tim Cook

Recently, the news was revealed that one of the high succession plans would hit soon. Before 5 years, the Steve Jobs – co-founder of Apple Inc. nominated his successor, Tim Cook. And after 6 weeks of official transition, Steve Jobs passed away.


Now, the Apple is granted as the world’s largest market value and is called one of the most influential one. Its net income is $53 billion which is much higher than combined earnings of the technology behemoths Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com and Microsoft Corp.

Simultaneously, the growth of the Apple is getting slow as its stocks are stagnating and these days, they are facing more concerns about their coming future than ever before. One Question “Are apple’s best days behind it? Mr. Tim Cook would like not escape.

All the products of Apple have grown under the plans and strategies of Tim Cook. But each category has its own concerns and set of interfaces. The iPhone launched contributes to the two-third of the company’s revenue and is much higher in terms of dollars. And yet its outrageous success is coming back to haunt Apple. As the sales of the iPhone have slowed down, Apple has reported drops in the revenue. Apple product so called iPad has highly slumped down from the past years and Apple Watch didn’t hit the market that much as expected.

Apple made a big transition from the growth to a value stock on the Wall Street. And it was all because of billions of dollars in dividends and share buybacks which were showered under the leadership of Tim Cook. The stock of Apple is doubled in the past few years, outperforming the S&P 500 but slightly trailing the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite.

In the first mail of Tim Cook as CEO, He stated that “I want you to be the confident, that Apple won’t change”.

For years, its valuation is cheap. Change is inevitable, even if the Apple’s shareholder are slow to accept.

iOS 10 has 2 underrated features that will come in handy

iOS10 features like modifications in the lock screen, photo app, map app, messages app, a home app for internet of thing, voicemail transcriptions and more were announced with the complete description. But, still there are some features, that apple didn’t announce on that day. Recently, these features were found in Beta testing of iOS10 and they are alerts, notifications, and warning for the unsecured Wi-Fi networks, wet lighting cables.


On connecting the device, to the unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot, then the clashes might occur. For instance, with the method of eavesdropping one can get the information who pass by those networks. The public places like Coffee shop, restaurants, airports and more are integrated with Wi-Fi facilities. But as they are unsecured, hackers can use the networks to access your data and can steal the information.

Before some years, Eric Geiger, who is the contributor of the PCWorld published a news that, hackers can easily get the information from the wireless network by using some techniques of an analyzer. This data may include the personal information like username, passwords, credit card information and more. And this results in crime or theft.

But iOS users need not have to get worried about the eavesdropping. iOS 10 has got the amazing feature that notifies you when your device is connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. iOS10 is integrated with the feature of Security Recommendation pop up in the setting of Wi-Fi menu. It is integrated with the message that shows “Open networks provide no security and expose all network traffic” and suggest you to configure the router to use WPA2 Personal security type if you are at home.

Microsoft launches iOS app development analysis tool for Window Bridge

Recently, the Microsoft released the App Analysis tool as a part of Window Bridge for iOS. This Window Bridge for iOS is an open source project for Microsoft. It is free to use and enables the app developers to run the windows 10 using iOS APIs and Objective-C by creating the apps that support universal Window platform.


The company added that this new analysis tool would help the iOS app developers in bringing the iOS app to the store of Windows by examining the compatibility in Windows Bridge for iOS. And this would give you proper judgment on the amount of task left to turn your iOS app to a universal windows apps. This tool is web-based and so you need to just upload the IPA file to the tool. On submitting, they will go through the file by giving developers a checklist regarding the parts of their apps that are not compatible with the Windows Bridge for iOS.

Nick-Gerald, Program Manager, Microsoft, revealed in one of its blog posts that their sole goal for developing the analysis tool is to give the iOS developers a kickass start with the universal windows apps. With this functionalities, they can take the advantage of Windows 10 feature and it would also enable them to reuse much of their iOS code base and their existing skills.

It was difficult for the developers to figure out if the apps were a perfect match for the Windows Bridge. It was a very tedious process to follow, downloading the SDK from Githubto setting up Windows 10 & Visual Studio 2015 to generating a project for iOS app in Visual Studio to running the code. So to take the break from the monotonous work, app analysis tool came into existence.

The Process of App Analysis Tool includes analysis of the project and the cross-references the frameworks and classes with the existing ones and at the end return the final result to the browser. The tool is developed to identify the third party libraries and let the users know if they are equivalent libraries and available on Windows 10.

Microsoft though claims that it just does the analysis at the initial points, but it gives the clear idea to the developers, regarding how much work is required to bring iOS to the Windows.