Microsoft launches iOS app development analysis tool for Window Bridge

Recently, the Microsoft released the App Analysis tool as a part of Window Bridge for iOS. This Window Bridge for iOS is an open source project for Microsoft. It is free to use and enables the app developers to run the windows 10 using iOS APIs and Objective-C by creating the apps that support universal Window platform.


The company added that this new analysis tool would help the iOS app developers in bringing the iOS app to the store of Windows by examining the compatibility in Windows Bridge for iOS. And this would give you proper judgment on the amount of task left to turn your iOS app to a universal windows apps. This tool is web-based and so you need to just upload the IPA file to the tool. On submitting, they will go through the file by giving developers a checklist regarding the parts of their apps that are not compatible with the Windows Bridge for iOS.

Nick-Gerald, Program Manager, Microsoft, revealed in one of its blog posts that their sole goal for developing the analysis tool is to give the iOS developers a kickass start with the universal windows apps. With this functionalities, they can take the advantage of Windows 10 feature and it would also enable them to reuse much of their iOS code base and their existing skills.

It was difficult for the developers to figure out if the apps were a perfect match for the Windows Bridge. It was a very tedious process to follow, downloading the SDK from Githubto setting up Windows 10 & Visual Studio 2015 to generating a project for iOS app in Visual Studio to running the code. So to take the break from the monotonous work, app analysis tool came into existence.

The Process of App Analysis Tool includes analysis of the project and the cross-references the frameworks and classes with the existing ones and at the end return the final result to the browser. The tool is developed to identify the third party libraries and let the users know if they are equivalent libraries and available on Windows 10.

Microsoft though claims that it just does the analysis at the initial points, but it gives the clear idea to the developers, regarding how much work is required to bring iOS to the Windows.