The iOS Apps Development market for 2017 and onwards

iOS apps development is without doubt, a huge market for years now. Apple’s market image and makes it increasingly important to boost business productivity and sales. Investing in iOS app development service could be a wise choice for any business.

Apple earned a $1.1 billion revenue in the in-app and apps purchases and growing at present. This speaks of the tremendous growth of iOS devices all through the years as well as profitability for developers. In a thriving technology in this modern world, having a business application is a must. Smart phones today are the highest used devices for both personal and professional use. A business owner often falls in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a platform for business app development. There are certain reasons why launching a business app on iOS could be more beneficial.



1. Has more paying clients. The iOS app development language is one of the most popular choice for businesses and mobile app developers today. Users of Apple are more willing to pay on an application.

2. Great consumer experience. Users of iOS usually are happy users, empowering it to be the first choice when it comes to a business app. With its excellent customer support, flawless software and perfect hardware, Apple developed a super brand in consumer electronics. Every iOS application fluidly works on an iPhone, offering a great user experience that’s always essential for any business.

3. Reach to the-savvy audience. For a business, attracting new and prospective clientele is important to boost sales. The iPhone has always been an attractive device for audiences who are tech savvy. Designing an iOS application for business is an innovative method of presenting the company that could further boost brand recognition.

4. Apple interface. An organization builds its app for better customer service. The more enjoyable and app is, the better it would be for a company’s relationship with customers. Users of Apple always praise the regulated environment of their device, as well as enjoy the easy interface.

5. Provide high security. When developing a business app, a company should opt for a platform that has exciting features and also provide utmost security. Users of iPhone stay safe from external threats since iOS provides a robust shield for malwares and virus, which make it an ideal choice for a business application.

6. Allow to penetrate to developed countries. Growing a business and establishing roots in foreign countries is the ultimate dream of each and every business. iPhones are popular in developed countries such as the UK and the US. An iOS app enables a company to expand its business in these countries.

7. Easy testing and low fragmentation. Apple hardly has twenty plus mobile devices in the market. Having less versions and variety of iOS enables developers to build and test an app early and adds benefits to a business as early as possible.

8. High return on investment. Using iOS applications could lead a business towards healthy finances with increased ROI and higher revenue. Scalable iOS applications could cater to the investment worthy clientele and boost the reach of a business with improved value.

9. Benefit from the market image of Apple. Users of iPhone know how difficult it is to get an application accepted in the App Store. When a user spots a business application in the App Store, he will know instantly that the enterprise must be price-worthy as it got accepted in the App Store.

10. Secure transactions. While security measures are present to boost security of online payment, an iOS app makes it more secure for users through encrypting online deals as well as removing threats such as hacking, phishing and others.



Swift gained popularity among app developers for its inclusive array of coding methodologies and frameworks. There are numerous advantages to Swift programming. The exclusive use of Swift 3.0 this year helps in developing iOS apps. Swift emerges as the primary tool for developing Apple applications, replacing Objective-C.


The number of developers for IoT based applications grew by 34 percent last year. The mobile application development on iOS creates value-added applications for maximum use of IoT products.


Small and medium organizations more and more are adopting a location-based mobile app development. This is beneficial in offering consumers information on products, reviews, services, prices comparison and a lot more for mobile commerce.


iOS became very popular due to its attention to security and privacy. Already, Apple has taken a step forward towards the right direction as ATS or App Transport Security that’s made mandatory for the iOS applications.


There is a rise in enterprise mobile application development. This is dependent on two factors, namely, engagement, real-time customer interaction and managing tasks and data in a dynamic way.

There are indeed a lot of opportunities that are coming up for iOS app developers. iOS apps development sure is here to stay and will continue to grow for years and years.


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