iOS 11: All new features coming up in 2017!

On 5th June, Apple has unveiled its new iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 11 beta at its WWDC 2017, the annual developer’s conference. Although, the company hasn’t confirmed a specific release date but according to the rumors, iOS 11 will be released alongside the new iphone 8. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the next-generation version brings subtle design changes to interface elements throughout the operating system. Text gets bolder,iphone apps like calculator and phone have a new look and the lock screen. Besides, the control center has been thoroughly designed.


The following post wraps off some of the most interesting features offered by iOS 11.

#1 iPad is becoming even more like a Mac

With the release of iOS 11, the new iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 can realistically pull off iPad into a laptop replacement. The version incorporates a doc just like a Mac computer and it follows from app-to-app along the bottom. It’s hidden but one can easily swipe up to access it. In addition to this, a user cannot only doc more iphone applications now but even serves as an advanced app switcher.

For instance, if you drag an icon from the dock into the screen, you can easily place it side-by-side with the app that’s already on the screen. Unlike those previous versions where the doc was only accessible from the home screen, now one can bring it up where you are simply by dragging their finger up from the bottom edge of the screen. The introduction of drag-and –drop support allows users to drag and drop elements from one app to another. Let’s take another example, if you have the notes app and Safari both open at the same time, you could select text and images from a webpage and then drag it across into a note.

#2 Siri becomes smarter

iOS 11 showcases several big improvements to Apple’s digital assistant. The company now introduces the new and improved voice of Siri, making it more natural. The interesting iphone app can now say words in different ways including both male and female voices. Besides, it can now translate speech into numerous languages starting out with English, French, German Chinese, Spanish and Italian. Moreover, the app is even used for task management, to take notes or scan QR codes.

Everything you do with Siri can be easily synced across all devices with end-to-end encryption. This means if you ask a question on your phone, Siri’s answer will be available on your Mac or iPad at the same time. A new trick named translation is developed in the app. Siri can translate common languages into English and vice versa. Further, it even supports Chinese translation.

The app itself is learning more about what you do. For example, if you are viewing web pages about Iceland, Apple news might start showing articles about the place.

#3 Apple pay is about to get even more useful

Apple pay has quickly become one of the best features of iOS and getting better with iOS 11 because the company has now added the ability to send money to individuals.

Built in the form of messenger apps, payments are authenticated using touch ID and can be easily transferred to your bank account. Although, it is a small yet significant addition which is pretty much in vogue.

#4 Apps have been redesigned

The company has tweaked the look and feel of iOS 11 in ample of ways. The control center is now just one screen which allows you to use 3D touch on specific elements such as the music controls just to reveal more detailed controls.

The redesigned iOS apps store now split into a few key tabs: Today, Games, Apps, Updates takes cues from the music and news apps. Today tab will be updated on the daily basis with different content such as app of the day or tips on how to get the most out of popular apps and other app news.

#5 Augmented reality is the next big thing

Undoubtedly, the biggest addition is the new ARKit API that allows an iphone apps developer to add augmented reality features to their existing apps. The company demonstrated by adding virtual objects to a desk on stage, showing how its system could identify surfaces and place objects with the correct scale.

This Is What You Need To Do To Install The iOS 11 Beta On The iphone, ipad Or ipod Touch.

The version is rumored to be released in September. But if you can’t wait until the fall, a public iOS 11 Beta will soon be released before the end of June 2017. In order to install the version, consider these following steps:

Step -1

Download and Install the iOS 11 developer profile to your iPhone or iPad. If you download it to your computer, you need to AirDrop it or Email it to your phone. When you open the file on your iPhone or iPad, it will automatically prompt you to install the profile. Enter the passcode and choose to install on your iPhone.

Step -2

Wait for the phone to reboot. Go to Settings→ General→ Software Update. This will check for iOS 11 beta download. Just make sure you are connected with Wi-Fi and at least 50% of the battery is left.

Step- 3

Enter your passcode when required and wait for iPhone or iPad to reboot.

Soon you will be on iOS 11 beta and able to test the new iOS 11 features.


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