‘Swift Playground’ in the Apple’s market to teach iOS app development

Recently, Apple launched the new operating system, iOS 10 and Swift 3.0. But now Apple is also up with the new app called ‘Swift playgrounds’ which would enable an easy and less demanding methods for the iOS developers to learn code.


Apple took another approach and a way forward for making the learning process of Apple App development simpler and enjoyable. Apple did introduce this app on iPad called “Swift Playgrounds” which would make simpler for iOS developer and of course less demanding and fun for everyone. This application is currently available on the Appstore and users can access it on the Apple device. However, this app is available on all iPad Air, iPad Pro models and iPad mini2 and iOS 10.

This application designed for iOS is free on iPad. With this app developers can come to know, how to develop the app and learn code. The real – coding ideas are integrated with this app interface which enables the students and developers to dig Swift the simple programming used by engineers to make it the world-class applications.

Apple declared on the launch event of Swift Playgrounds that this app would open the new horizon with the easy instructions, riddles which would help the students to learn fundamentals of the Swift and iOS app development quite easily and also keep engaging them while designing the app. With the launch of Swift 3.0 version, this new app is the opportunity for the students and developers for the career in developing iOS app.


The Best Platform Used by iOS Application Development Companies

iOS application development enables you to create enhanced version of apps for iOS system powered devices like iPhone and iPad. Today, Apple devices are called the smart devices available in the industry. Though they are highly popular and costlier but people do purchase it for the proper outcome. Hence, the apps created by them always remains profitable.


The trend for iOS won’t fade in near future and so the iOS development companies. When it comes to developing apps, professional iOS developer it utilizes the latest tools and abides by the ongoing trends. Hence if you are planning to launch iOS app, make sure to hire the professional developer having experience in the following technology.


This is used by almost every application developer. It is IDE given by Apple for developing the high performance on iPhone and iPad native apps. It gives the access to both Objective-C and Swift as the programming languages. The programmers who are very knowledgeable can do anything feasible on iOS devices using Xcode platform by applying native development methods. It has the set of libraries for the varieties of the apps.


Appery.io is a cloud-based mobile development tool for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. Hence, it is run in clouds and has nothing to download or install in a local system. And because of this reason, it is easy to start with iOS development with Appery.io.

Game Salad

Many developers do prefer GameSalad for launching iOS app, OSX and HTML5 games. It is integrated with drag and drop feature which enables rapidly to create games. It comes with the features like scene and actor editor which are used to create game apps.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie can be managed by both Android and iOS apps. It has the support for all the media types and allows the users to chat with each other in real time.

Appy Pie

This is yet another cloud-based mobile app development tool. It can also be useful for the people who are novice developers. It can be used to create iOS, Android, and Windows app and also you can publish app directly on stores.