Google updates Snapseed photo app for the raw support of iOS

Recently, Google updated its Snapseed photo editing app for iOS with the amazing features, functionalities, and improvements. The updates push up the app version 2.9 and hence, it is up with the great face editing tools, RAW support and more.


Firstly, the update is the tool that is quite enhanced than before enabling the users to bring the better clarity to the faces in the image. Google adds that this new photogenic app would bring the great focus on the faces by adding the high clarity to the eyes.

Secondly, it is the raw images that attract the users. Google confirms that Snapseed on iOS now supports RAW images from 144 camera models. Hence, this would enable to apply the effects like white balance adjustments, brightness and much more directly to native RAW images. In the present scenario, iOS is not supporting the RAW image files and hence, it is a great way to iOS to get the file of that type into the Snapseed by “send a copy” feature of Google Drive.

Developers would be able to directly integrate this new feature in the iOS app. This was said in the Apple announcement of iOS10. Simultaneously, it would be the boon for the photographer as it provides a great way to get the head start on RAW image editing with iOS

Additionally, in the recent updates of the Snapseed, it would enable the user to convert into desired JPG compression rate when exporting images. But to save PNG file service is not supported. Finally, Google also revealed that this update is tweak with various bug fixes.

Company updates that their team has worked many years to profile 144 camera models so that Snapseed can read full sensor data from the RAW files. But still, there are some bugs which would be fixed soon.


Useful iOS icon and app template resources

If you are a ios developer, your design skills might not be so great. But as a developer, we always desire to get the applications to look great. Right? Check out some of the resources for iOS that enable to save your time and make your application look-feel great.


Application Icon

The application icon is one of the mandatory and vital parts of the information. It pays off to spend some time looking for the great look and feel. The following items can help you with that.

App icon generator with flat shadow generator

This section includes more than just icons. It is integrated with the numerous Photoshop icons to create three icon styles:

  • Default iOS7 style
  • Classy flat style
  • Flat shadow style

You can customize the icon further with the gradients colors and Grid to set the position and elements of the icon. The actions that are generated helps you to generate different sizes of the Apple.

Minimal icon generator

The Minimal Icon Generate template in a very versatile way. It is integrated with the range of vector elements you need to use, a bunch of gradients and selected combinational colors. The Photoshop is well managed in the groups and layers. If you have less experience with the Photoshop, then you might not face the problem.

Application template

Application templates are amazing for speeding up the application development. This gives the amazing look and feels for your application.

iOS mobile app template

The application template can be used for restaurants, cafes, and lounges with the support of iPhone6, iPhone6S, and iPhone5. This includes well organized Photoshop files. Even though the title refers to iOS, this template can be used for Android.

Concept keynote Template

This is one of the most amazing templates which is drafted with the keynote and is integrated with both iPhone and iPad with dark and light version. It has drag and drops facility to make the mock ups easy to create the application that fits your need.


Icons are one of the most important parts of the mobile, and include text and icons which are the best suited for the mobile user interface.

Flat UI Icon set

The size of most of the mobile devices varies and people prefer small screen size and hence, the icons are the best way to give the user a meaning of your application. Well-designed icons help to figure out how the applications should be used.

Thin Weather icon set

One of the key elements of any weather application is its icons. This icon set includes 20 sleek, high-quality icons for every type of weather.

Make your pick

There are much other phenomenal selections of icons and templates. You can use the source of Graphic River which offers hundreds of different icons. You need to have a look on it.

iOS app development : The best tool for designing and developing

We all are aware that in the iOS operating system, design and development are done with Apple incorporation and it works exclusively on the Apple devices like iPhone, iPads, and iPods. The existing idea behind this was to design the amazing interfaces on the small screen. And this is the reason iPhone was born. iPhone also offers a variety of the apps like other operating systems. In earlier days, app development was carried out in C and C++ programming languages. And today, it is replaced with Objective-C and Swift. If we check out the latest technology, trending language for iOS today is Swift.


Some various iOS app tool offered for designing are:-

Hotfix native iOS app: This tool lets you modify the code level changes in real time. No need to submit again for the approval just to change some code or the security patches. It also enables you to add the code that calls other SDKs. It is easy and quick to add SDK and cherry on the top it doesn’t require nay code changes. Once you are done with the adding of SDK, you can instantly push updates and app will be updated automatically. This tool allows direct access of app’s methods and patches them by providing app alert messages.

Qordoba: Qordoba is a single platform for developing and creating content into 100+ market by automatically generating the content. It enables you in deploying the content easily and sophisticated workflow automation that integrates with the tool that is already in use. The main aim of this tool is parsing means it enables connectivity between that app and database

Charter: This is a highly enhanced tool of iOS app development that is used by Swift programming language and deals with the mailing list on iPhone and iPad. It has both online and offline view and also supports message threading for the conversation. To remove the noise, long quotes in the emails are truncated off. It enables you to read the mailing list in an intuitive format.

Swift Express: It is simple yet powerful web application written in Swift. It contains a framework and simple routing mechanism to manage the dependencies of the project and also enables to run the application.

Jazzy: Jazzy is a command line utility tool that helps in the documentation for Swift or Objective-C programming people. To make the documentation for any application. Jazzy is used. Documentation is highly important attribute from the developer’s perspective. With documentation, programmers can put more focus on drafting the code. The jazzy tool is quite important.

Above mentioned are some of the tools for designing and developments for iOS app development. There are other tools too that are used in IDE for Swift programming language. Generally, these frameworks are used for developing the iOS mobile applications for the smooth flow.

The Biggest Announcement from Apple at WWDC – TOP 5 features to highlight

Apple updating its software to enhance new features for photos, maps and apple music and also re-worked on quicker interaction with apps

Apple released new operating system on 13th June 2016 as a developer preview and confirmed that it’s beta release shall be available publicly in the following month. The new iOS 10 has completely new features which is designed to enhance your iPhone even more beyond than the features company launched for iOS 9 previous year in the conference. This is the huge update of the world in Mobile Operating system featuring a great upgrade in messaging –animated ways to deliver the messages, apple music, maps, photos, Siri and more.


So what new features you can look forward for, when iOS 10 is coming to your iPhone. Here are some of the promising features to come in the final release

  • iOS 10 – General redesign : Lock screen

Apple has revamped user experience of the lock screen. This lock screen has a touchID sensor that will stop you accidentally from bypassing the lock screen. Apple has unveiled the “Raise to wake” feature which will light your iPhone and go to the home screen when you just lift it up. Onscreen notification has become much more interactive. There are lot more 3D touch and shortcut to interact with the clever ways. Sliding fro, left to right you can get instant access to the camera.

  • iOS 10 – Siri opens to the developers

In iOS 10, Siri can be extended within major areas and can do more than ever working with the areas of the apps you always loved to use. It has brought the biggest change which seems that, Apple is opening it up to 3rd party developers. This means that you will be able to activate non- iOS app via voice control. Just with the voice command, you will be able to call UBER, send message, and much more without downloading the apps.

  • iOS 10 – Predictive Type

Apple is bringing Siri intelligence to the keyboard. Apple says it’s bringing more context to typing so either Siri can reply with suggestions for you like your current locations, share contacts and more. Hence it is pretty handy and genuine time saver. The Quick Type keyboard will also now support multilingual typing. Apple also made a point of noting that, unlike Google, its AI analysis will stay on your device and won’t transmit your texts to the cloud.

  • iOS 10 – Photo app

AI will be again used highly, to make sure that memories that matter for the user are at their fingertips. You can organize your collection automatically by person using facial recognition. The app is also called memories which bundles the photos according to the location. Thanks to the advance computer vision which connects dots between the people and you device album. A memory also contains Memory movie which can be automatically edited movie with theme, title, and subtitle.

  • iOS 10 – Maps redesigned

Map feature in iOS 10 is redesigned to beautifully to make it even simpler to use. Apple says that, Apple map will become more proactive giving you the suggestions on things you can do based on the location. That could be suggesting pure veg restaurant along with the traffic details Maps is also coming to CarPlay, which will show traffic and offer alternative routes, as well as precise navigation right from a car’s display.


  • Control of the home environment with the advanced control that add smart elements at the touch of button
  • Music and the news app are updated; both are designed to offer the user new featured stories at the finger tips.
  • Bedtime Alarm for the regular sleep schedule
  • Apple Pay support for the secured transaction on the selected websites which can be authenticated via Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Safari split-view for iPad and Live pic editing

WWDC was packed with the updates, which may seem minor but has done extravagant updation which makes it easier to navigate in the Apple’s ecosystem. Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of Apple hardware, software and services. The developer preview of iOS 10 is available to iOS Developer Program members at, and a public beta program will be available to iOS users in July at