Apple under Tim Cook

Recently, the news was revealed that one of the high succession plans would hit soon. Before 5 years, the Steve Jobs – co-founder of Apple Inc. nominated his successor, Tim Cook. And after 6 weeks of official transition, Steve Jobs passed away.


Now, the Apple is granted as the world’s largest market value and is called one of the most influential one. Its net income is $53 billion which is much higher than combined earnings of the technology behemoths Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc., and Microsoft Corp.

Simultaneously, the growth of the Apple is getting slow as its stocks are stagnating and these days, they are facing more concerns about their coming future than ever before. One Question “Are apple’s best days behind it? Mr. Tim Cook would like not escape.

All the products of Apple have grown under the plans and strategies of Tim Cook. But each category has its own concerns and set of interfaces. The iPhone launched contributes to the two-third of the company’s revenue and is much higher in terms of dollars. And yet its outrageous success is coming back to haunt Apple. As the sales of the iPhone have slowed down, Apple has reported drops in the revenue. Apple product so called iPad has highly slumped down from the past years and Apple Watch didn’t hit the market that much as expected.

Apple made a big transition from the growth to a value stock on the Wall Street. And it was all because of billions of dollars in dividends and share buybacks which were showered under the leadership of Tim Cook. The stock of Apple is doubled in the past few years, outperforming the S&P 500 but slightly trailing the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite.

In the first mail of Tim Cook as CEO, He stated that “I want you to be the confident, that Apple won’t change”.

For years, its valuation is cheap. Change is inevitable, even if the Apple’s shareholder are slow to accept.


Amazing Tools to develop the best iOS Apps

In this article, you will find the list of tools for iOS App Development having more importance in the mobile ecosystem which helps you to develop the better iOS apps.


For the developers, who are working as a small scale employee, being different is the key to improve recognition. For the best result, there is the need to be distinct in the way to define procedures and resources used during the development of the project. So, you will find here that these tools carry a lot of importance be it is for android or iOS. This tools will guide you in developing the better apps in iOS.

Design Tools

iOS apps are highly known for its user experience. Designing is quite important when you are into the iOS app development. Extra attention, care, efforts are needed to design the iOS application. Some tools that help the developers are listed below :-

  • Cocoa Control: Cocoa Control is the tool where you can get the giant library of the regularly updated codes that follows the standard of Apple design to be used in iOS apps.
  • Mocks: Mock is the most amusing tools, which helps you in generating the general mock-ups with the great ideas about the look and feel of your app in the device.
  • Glyphish: Glyphish tool is used in more than 3, 00,000 apps and it is most loved by the developers worldwide. It helps in making the most beautiful, sharp, pixel perfect for making your design sparkle in iOS app. It has got the best icon integrated with all versions of iOS. You can try and decide what suits your app the best without taking the trouble to design yourself.

Backend Service Tools

If you need the tools like Apple Passbook Integration and cloud storage, you need to have such tools that provide the optimize solutions in your app. Here are some of them:-

  • Helios: – Helios is the open source framework for iOS support. The main use of the Helios is to provide the in-app purchases and push notification to provide the smoother and reliable support for iOS backend services.
  • FireBase: – FireBase tool works in the real-time by providing the data storage and hosting services amongst others. Data is stored as a JSON and get synced with the client, by providing the user authentication of Social Media.


Libraries are mostly used by the developers to save the time and reduced cost. Some libraries that include

  • JSONModel: JSONModel has an incorporation to the communication with the server and can be initialized with the aid of open source tool.
  • AFNetworking: This networking tool helps you with the fast, hassle free and reliable networking.

Testing Tools

Testing is the most important, crucial and unavoidable thing in iOS app development.

  • KIWI: Rspec-style testing is performed by Kiwi. It is integrated with stubbing and mocking library.
  • TESTFAIRY: This is the beta testing tool for iOS app. It deals with recording videos of test cases by providing the detailed reports. NSLogs creation, easy usage feedbacks and others are some of the important features

Deployment Tool

Below tool helps in the proper deployment of the iOS platform

  • AppBlade: This tool comes with the automation solution with the cross-platform app deployment. For instance, it performs an action of an automatical collection of user information.

If you are looking for professional App, always prefer to consult an expert iOS App Development Company having years of experience and knowledge.

iOS 10 has 2 underrated features that will come in handy

iOS10 features like modifications in the lock screen, photo app, map app, messages app, a home app for internet of thing, voicemail transcriptions and more were announced with the complete description. But, still there are some features, that apple didn’t announce on that day. Recently, these features were found in Beta testing of iOS10 and they are alerts, notifications, and warning for the unsecured Wi-Fi networks, wet lighting cables.


On connecting the device, to the unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot, then the clashes might occur. For instance, with the method of eavesdropping one can get the information who pass by those networks. The public places like Coffee shop, restaurants, airports and more are integrated with Wi-Fi facilities. But as they are unsecured, hackers can use the networks to access your data and can steal the information.

Before some years, Eric Geiger, who is the contributor of the PCWorld published a news that, hackers can easily get the information from the wireless network by using some techniques of an analyzer. This data may include the personal information like username, passwords, credit card information and more. And this results in crime or theft.

But iOS users need not have to get worried about the eavesdropping. iOS 10 has got the amazing feature that notifies you when your device is connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. iOS10 is integrated with the feature of Security Recommendation pop up in the setting of Wi-Fi menu. It is integrated with the message that shows “Open networks provide no security and expose all network traffic” and suggest you to configure the router to use WPA2 Personal security type if you are at home.

Microsoft launches iOS app development analysis tool for Window Bridge

Recently, the Microsoft released the App Analysis tool as a part of Window Bridge for iOS. This Window Bridge for iOS is an open source project for Microsoft. It is free to use and enables the app developers to run the windows 10 using iOS APIs and Objective-C by creating the apps that support universal Window platform.


The company added that this new analysis tool would help the iOS app developers in bringing the iOS app to the store of Windows by examining the compatibility in Windows Bridge for iOS. And this would give you proper judgment on the amount of task left to turn your iOS app to a universal windows apps. This tool is web-based and so you need to just upload the IPA file to the tool. On submitting, they will go through the file by giving developers a checklist regarding the parts of their apps that are not compatible with the Windows Bridge for iOS.

Nick-Gerald, Program Manager, Microsoft, revealed in one of its blog posts that their sole goal for developing the analysis tool is to give the iOS developers a kickass start with the universal windows apps. With this functionalities, they can take the advantage of Windows 10 feature and it would also enable them to reuse much of their iOS code base and their existing skills.

It was difficult for the developers to figure out if the apps were a perfect match for the Windows Bridge. It was a very tedious process to follow, downloading the SDK from Githubto setting up Windows 10 & Visual Studio 2015 to generating a project for iOS app in Visual Studio to running the code. So to take the break from the monotonous work, app analysis tool came into existence.

The Process of App Analysis Tool includes analysis of the project and the cross-references the frameworks and classes with the existing ones and at the end return the final result to the browser. The tool is developed to identify the third party libraries and let the users know if they are equivalent libraries and available on Windows 10.

Microsoft though claims that it just does the analysis at the initial points, but it gives the clear idea to the developers, regarding how much work is required to bring iOS to the Windows.