Apple Maps will recall where you have parked your car

Where did I last park my car in the parking? If this is the only question you are always trying to mumble, than you have got a very easy solution for it.

Apple iOS10 update notifies you, where you parked the last in the busy parking area. This is done automatically for a trip which doesn’t end at the home address.


As said in Apple Insider this feature will drop the pin on the area where you had parked the car. You will also be able to get directions to your car, by following the pinned spot. You can also edit your location more accurately after it is pinned to add more details. A parked car option apparently will also appear in Apple Maps to get the direction and estimated time to reach the destination. You can also make a text note or take photo of your car’s location.

Beyond helping the cars, Maps will also show other functionalities like booking the uber cap, booking the restaurants, diesel stations nearby, when you surpass from that place. Reporters have also published that, iOS will also be aware of when the driver enters or leaves the car, based on the connectivity and dis connectivity of Bluetooth.

Apple Maps were launched in 2012 as a replacement of Google Maps. But due to some missteps, Apple had a very bad start but has improved and taken a huge change in a digi era within short span of time. And now today, it facing the good competition with the Google Maps. And to stand out the best, it will always be peeking with some add-ons in every updates.


Google app for apple is faster: Thanks to the accelerated mobile pages

Pages will stack speedier and look much better with AMP after the most recent overhaul to the Google for iOS application

Google has reported that its application for iPhone and iPad is running quite speedy now. The organization has eliminated stacking time and acquainted new elements with faster execution.Every time you open the application or do any search, everything will stack slightly speedier. Whether you can see the distinction or not, these little upgrades will spare application clients a consolidated 6.5 million hours this year.


Beginning today, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are accessible in the Google application for iOS. Articles that have AMP backing are set apart with a lightning jolt and “AMP” in the “Top Stories” segment of your list items.

What’s New?

We’re eager to present some new elements that will accelerate your search and scanning knowledge in the Google application.

• Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) — news and articles from large portions of your most loved distributors will now stack in a split second.

• Instantly watch sports highlight recordings in Now cards—at whatever point you get a games highlights Now card, simply tap the play catch and watch the video in that spot. No compelling reason to stack another page.

Different redesigns:

• Keyboard alternate routes for iPad clients — If you have an outer console for your iPad, you can now utilize console easy routes to seek speedier and explore the application all the more effectively (hold the “Summon” key to see the rundown of bolstered easy routes).

• See the busiest hours for spots and neighborhood organizations straightforwardly in the indexed lists page. No compelling reason to tap and grow the nearby item any longer.

iOS 10 – New emoji sticker pack for the beta users

Recently Apple revealed that, its emoji’s fan will be receiving one of the best news in iOS 10 update Apple had recently released 4 new magnificent add on for the messaging apps. And these four add on are the new set of animated emoji’s and will be featured in Apple’s new operating system i.e. iOS 10. This is one of the coolest feature of iOS 10 which is integrated by the developers of the Apple team using messages API. The iPhone pictographic palate will be soon much more extensive than ever.


In the present scenario, stickers in Smileys, Hearts and Hands packs are carryovers from watch’s animated emoji’s, while Classic Mac features a batch of original Macintosh icons created by graphic designer Susan Kare. The four sticker pack namely as stated below are available on the app store.

Classic Mac: This comes with 8 bit icons and describes how they initially appeared in classic version of apple computers.

Hands: It is the new feature updated showing the hands emoji’s with 3 D animations.

Hearts: Hearts are also the new feature updated for ios10 and shows the unique heart emoji’s with 3D renderings.

Simileys: These are the yellow faced emoji’s and clearly reveals the feelings accompanied by the animations in each type of emoji’s.

These new add ons are nothing great or not such remarkable but they at least demonstrate, what third party developers will be able to do with the third party apps. Once these add-ons are installed, you will be able to use it in the messages conversation in list a single tap. Downloading this sticker pack combos in iPhone and iPad gives the new dimension for communication.

These collections of the new features can be accessed with Apple redesigned messages app and will be available with the new iOS 10 around fall.

In last month at WWDC 2016, Apple announced the third party integration along with the messaging functions, emoji’s suggestion, and drawing pad and built in GIF search. To see animated stickers in action, check out Apple Insider’s video preview of Messages in iOS 10.

Finally Android in iPhone – Custom built case allows Playstore to work on Appstore

In a bid to end a long-standing debate, Tendingi CTO Nick Lee chose to make a module that would give the two working frameworks a chance to run at the same time on the iPhone. Lee made a back spread case for the iPhone that would adequately turn the interface to Android – briefly.


Once the back case is connected, the Android interface assumes control. The iPhone user can then get to Google Play, utilize the calculator, and basically google search through an Android interface flawlessly. The Android UI has the widget option available. In the video transferred on YouTube, he likewise showed how Wi-Fi chips works at the interface, and users can even pursuit the web. It likewise has alternatives to include Google accounts as well.

To end the Android encounter, the iPhone client should simply hit the home button, and the iOS interface pops back. The back spread is super massive, and perhaps houses components of a whole another cell phone to work its way around the strict Apple code conduct.

Lee told The Next Web that the back spread thought originated from the verifiable Android versus Apple discussions. He clarified, “The fundamental motivation was the main sentiments Android and iOS users have about each other. I said to myself-‘Imagine a scenario where you could have everything on one gadget.

The report expresses that Lee figured out how to build up this item in 45 hours level. He has no prompt arrangements of selling it currently, however may alter his decision, and would consider putting additional time into building a sleeker case.